Glass Processing

Suntech provides you with a wide range of glass fabrication and related processing work. Our high-quality machinery sourced from Germany and Italy allows us to be on the top of our game in our market. Suntech owns its own tempering and lamination plants with two different factory and warehouse locations. Moreover, we deal directly with international and national glass manufactures & suppliers like Saint Gobain, Guardian Glass, AGC Glass, Intraco, Emirates Glass.


  • Double glazed glass (Insulated glass)
  • Polished single glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Double glazed with lamination
  • Frosted glass
  • Design glass
  • Back painted glass
  • Mirror



We are dedicated and extremely proud to use only the best of the best processing machinery in our industry. We never compromise on quality or value; this ensures that our competitive advantage is to always be updated on the latest technology and glass fabrication works.


Optimax 6133 ES Cutting Line is Manufactured By HEGLA

Fire-rated doors are subjected to endurance testing where the specimen is exposed to the extreme heat of up to 1925°F for the maximum 180-minute rating. If the door remains in the frame with no through openings and limits flames, it is certified with an endurance rating of either 180/90/60/45/20 minutes.

Cutting Line Manufactured by LiSEC

Fully automatic glass cutting table for float and special glasses with a supplementary grinding unit which allows coating removal. Straight cuts can be grinded and cut
simultaneously in a single work step. Low cycle times with maximum quality are the result. Shapes and even digitized shapes can be cut without any difficulty.

  • Simultaneous grinding and cutting of straight cuts
  • Optimum cut quality with minimum tolerances of +/- 0.15 mm
  • Grinding 360° in one step
  • Fixed stripping brush at the bottom Second oil feed
  • Automatic cutting pressure control


UNIGLASS Extra 2400 x 4800 Flat Tempering Line

A horizontal flat glass tempering furnace Manufactured by UNIGLASS Finland,
with a maximum size of 2400 x 4800, which can process all types of uncoated and all temperable coated glass from 4mm to 19mm thickness and heat strengthening from 3mm to 12mm thickness. With this advance version of UGT,
we can reach up to 19 cycles of 6mm clear tempered glass per 1 Hr.

Moreover, this furnace is
attached to a hi-tech horizontal washing and drying machine
manufactured by Triulzi Italy with automatic Low-e and
special coated glass detector, and automatic adjustable up to 35mm glass thickness.

MOUNTAIN MT-GP Series Flat Glass Tempering Furnaces

A best-in-class Chinese glass tempering machine with the following description:
MT-GP series flat glass tempering furnace is mainly used to produce top-grade flat tempered glass for furniture, household appliance.
Technical Characteristics:
MT-GP Series Flat Glass Tempering Furnaces.


Glass Insulating Line Manufactured by FOREL

A fully automatic vertical IG Line Manufactured by FOREL, a leading Italian company in manufacturing glass processing machinery.

Glass Insulating Line Manufactured by LiSEC

The LiSEC insulating machine is an integrated and continuous solution for fast and uncomplicated processing of the most common glasses and dimensions. The line is
aimed especially at complete processing of interior glasses such as doors, side pieces or dividers. Splitting the processing steps allows a significantly higher output; the
individual machines have been built to fit the required dimensions and requirements.


Fully Automatic Flat Laminating Line, the latest technology in the lamination industry, from Shenzhen Handong Glass Machinery, Model JC2550J-HD. This machine has humidity control that ensures the quality of lamination and the best end result for the client with the following features:


IPRO ITGS 2600- Automatic sand blasting machine with 3 auto guns and 1 manual, applicable for sand blast processing up to 50mm thickness and maximum height of 2300 mm.


Bevelloni VT 1250 manufactured by Z. Double head with handling glass up to maximum hole diameter of 220 mm.
Drilling machine Bevelloni Italy with applicable for 50mm thickness


Bevelloni polishing Gemy 9 C manufactured by Z. Bevelloni Italy, an automatic vertical straight-line edging with 9 cup wheels for flat and arise edges, and 1 cylindrical wheel to process corners cutting of the glass, applicable for glass processing from 3 to 40 mm with a working speed up to 5m/min.

Bevelloni beveling B75 CN manufactured by Z. Bevelloni Italy, and automatic numerical straight line Beveling machine with 7 Cup wheels, applicable for glass thickness from 3 to 20 mm and maximum width of bevel is 55mm, with double or triple beveling.